Seasonal Facial Specials

Strawberry Lemonade Facial $45

The citrusy, tart lemon enzyme is the lemonade aspect of your facial. Lemon is a great brightener for the skin. The Strawberry Spearmint Mask will create the strawberry aspect of your facial; it contains kaolin clay to help absorb excess oil for pore refinement. It will be a great anti-aging, brightening facial. Lemon and mint are detoxifying. Antioxidants feed our cell membranes so they are permeable and allow nutrition to flow in and cellular waste to flow out. Perfect for normal and combination skin.  It promotes deep hydration that protects from environmental damage while relieving the surface signs of aging.  Arbutin and kojic provide extreme lightening capabilities. Strawberry Spearmint Mask with kaolin will help absorb oil for pore refinement.  Skin Conditions: Anti-aging,  normal/combination skin; hyperpigmentation, sun damage, melasma.

Vineyard Grape Facial $45 

Celebrate springtime with a renewing Vineyard Grape Facial!  The sweet-smelling Grape Enzyme looks and feels just like the inside of a grape.  Grapes are rich in antioxidant polyphenols and offer anti-aging preventative benefits, while papain offers mild exfoliation.  The Marble Berry Nourishing Mask is an antioxidant-rich mask designed specifically for aging and parched skin, but works well on all skin types. This unique purple cream mask has built-in antioxidants and natural botanicals of olives and black rice bran which is sure to leave skin feeling and looking refreshed, balanced and healthy. Because this mask also possesses an ingredient that recycles vitamin C, it protects and oxygenating the skin, leaving it looking youthful and clear.  For normal and sensitive skin; safe for pregnant/nursing women.

Pomegranate Wintermint Facial $45 

This winter season facial deeply hydrates, revives, and brightens dull looking skin. Enjoy the warming and brightening effects of pomegranate enzyme that brightens the skin with the combination of 11% lactic, 4% alpha-arbutin and 2% salicylic. Then chill out and relax with the cooling sensation of the Wintermint Hydrating Mask. The warming and cooling sensations create a vascular flush that is healthy for the skin as it encourages blood flow to the area as the skin warms and then flushes toxins away as the skin cools. (This treatment is not recommended for sensitive or rosacea skin.) Skin Types: Anti-aging, dull, normal/combination, & oily.

Raspberry White Chocolate Facial: $45

 Raspberries and white chocolate come together to delight your senses this Valentine’s Day. Raspberries are known to be anti-inflammatory, and while you neither see nor smell the peach, pumpkin, and hibiscus they are in the background softening and exfoliating the skin in a gentle and mild manner. Cocoa is moisturizing to the skin; squalane is a major component of skin lipids and helps to restore compromised or dehydrated skin and prevents trans-epidermal water loss. This facial is great for normal and combination skin and safe for pregnancy.

Custom Teen/Tween Facial $40

This facial is customized for per skin type, client concerns, & is great to get you on the right track with a better skin care regimen. This facial includes a mask and scalp massage. 50 minutes. Great for clients new to facials!

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