Seasonal Facial Specials

A little about Facials

Facials are well known for their simplicity and effectiveness in improving the overall appearance of the facial skin. A facial is a treatment that deeply purifies and exfoliates resulting in smooth and well-hydrated skin. Facials are most often used for minimizing dry skin, acne, wrinkles and skin blemishes. They also work to remove the outer layers of dead skin in order to keep the epidermis toxin free. Receiving facials on…

Dry Skin Tips

Do not use hot water. Hot water removes your natural skin oils more quickly. Warm water is best for bathing. Use a gentle cleanser. Soaps can strip oils from the skin. Stop using deodorant bars, antibacterial soaps, perfumed soaps, and skin care products containing alcohol, like hand sanitizers. Look for either a mild, fragrance-free soap or a soap substitute that moisturizes. Limit time in the bathtub or shower. A 5-…

Manzilian, Guyzilian, Boyzilian..Wax on Wax off…Men do it too!

So its no secret that nowadays men “mow the lawn” a little themselves…For those of you men that don’t like shaving…why not get waxed instead! Here’s a bit of info for ya…The Men’s Brazilian waxing is the removal of all the hair in the bikini or private area, both front and back. Some men prefer to leave a small vertical area in the pubic area sometimes called the landing strip….

Brazilian…French…Bikini… Oh My!

You know this has been a topic of discussion on those slow, dragging work days. You’re at your desk or in the break room and someone one brings up waxing…then the questions start rolling in…”Is a Brazilian everything taken off? Is your hinny waxed in a french? Just how much is waxed in a bikini?” The questions go on and on.  Here’s a bit of info explaining the difference. Bikini…


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