Manzilian, Guyzilian, Boyzilian..Wax on Wax off…Men do it too!

So its no secret that nowadays men “mow the lawn” a little themselves…For those of you men that don’t like shaving…why not get waxed instead! Here’s a bit of info for ya…The Men’s Brazilian waxing is the removal of all the hair in the bikini or private area, both front and back. Some men prefer to leave a small vertical area in the pubic area sometimes called the landing strip….

Brazilian…French…Bikini… Oh My!

You know this has been a topic of discussion on those slow, dragging work days. You’re at your desk or in the break room and someone one brings up waxing…then the questions start rolling in…”Is a Brazilian everything taken off? Is your hinny waxed in a french? Just how much is waxed in a bikini?” The questions go on and on.  Here’s a bit of info explaining the difference. Bikini…


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