Raspberry White Chocolate Facial

Raspberries and white chocolate come together to delight your senses this Valentine’s Day and the month of February. Raspberries are known to be anti-inflammatory, and while you neither see nor smell the peach, pumpkin, and hibiscus they are in the background softening and exfoliating the skin in a gentle and mild manner. Cocoa is moisturizing to the skin; squalane is a major component of skin lipids and helps to restore compromised or dehydrated skin and prevents trans-epidermal water loss. This facial is great for normal and combination skin and safe for pregnancy. The Valentine’s Day Facial is $45 and is available for a limited time.

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The Raspberry White Chocolate Facial includes a raspberry peach enyme and white chocolate nourishing mask. Raspberry Peach Enzyme: The Raspberry Peach Enzyme is packed with antioxidants for an anti-aging facial for all skin types. It contains only fruit enzymes, with no acids added, and it can be used on anyone, including pregnant women and sensitive skin. The raspberry sooth skin irritations and provides anti-inflammatory-like benefits. Peach softens the skin and is aromatically relaxing, and hibiscus flower and pumpkin add the exfoliating properties to this enzyme. White Chocolate Nourishing Mask: Glycerin, squalane and cocoa are excellent emollients to keep the skin soft and healthy. Borago Seed Oil and allantoin soothe and calm the skin.

Treat your loved ones and yourself this Valentine’s Day with a Raspberry White Chocolate Facial ($45)! Also, don’t forget to try out the Pomegranate Wintermint Facial before Springtime and subscribe to the newsletter to keep up with the seasonal specials.


  1. Sounds amazing! Going to give it a try this weekend. =)

  2. Do I want a facial or do I just want to eat this?!

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