Pomegranate Wintermint Facial

The holiday and winter season is upon us; our skin changes in the cooler seasons and becomes drier, flakey, and a bit dull. The Pomegranate Wintermint facial is the perfect treatment to promote deep hydration, revive and brighten winter weathered skin. Enjoy the warming and brightening effects of pomegranate enzyme that brightens the skin with the combination of 11% lactic, 4% alpha-arbutin and 2% salicylic. Then chill out and relax with the cooling sensation of the Wintermint Hydrating Mask. The warming and cooling sensations create a vascular flush that is healthy for the skin as it encourages blood flow to the area as the skin warms and then flushes toxins away as the skin cools. This skin care treatment packs a punch and as fabulous as this skin treatment is, I wouldn’t recommend it to sensitive or rosacea skin.

The Pomegranate Wintermint Facial includes a creamy pomegranate cleanser that nourishes and hydrates the skin with aloe vera as the pomegranate antioxidant that brings the skin to life giving it a healthy, radiant glow.  It also includes a Pomegranate Enzyme exfoliant that is a powerful antioxidant which also brightens the skin.  It contains 11% lactic, 4% alpha-arbutin, and 2% salicylic which is perfect for normal, aging, oily, or acneic skin.  The Pomegranate Enzyme exfoliant promotes deep hydration, reduces oiliness, and lightens the skin from irregular pigmentation (dark spots). After toning the skin and extracting any impurities, the skin is then treated with the Wintermint Hydrating Mask. This hydrating mask is packed with antioxidants and hydration and is enriched with ingredients such as: Glycerin, shea butter, and coconut to hydrate, firm and improve skin’s tone. The potent antioxidant Cloud Berry is also an active ingredient that has scavengers of free radicals, and possess anti-viral, fungal, bacterial properties. During the time your mask in on your skin, you receive an upper body and scalp massage.

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After the mask is removed with warm towels, an anti-aging serum is massaged into the skin with an acupressure facial massage technique. This facial has lightened up sun spots and really rejuvenates the skin after one treatment. My clients that have benefited the most from this treatment are those looking to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, sun spots, revive dull skin, and replenish and hydrate dry, rough skin. This facial will be available during the winter season and is has a seasonal special price of $45. Schedule yours soon!


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  1. Connie Gomez says:

    It has been a long time since I get a professional facial!!! I need one! I do my own with different products but I am guessing its NOT the same!! This one sounds amazing!

  2. This sounds amazing! I love facials!

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