Drinking Water & Skin Care Benefits

As I have gone from my 20’s, into my 30’s and now near 4o, I have noticed a big change in my skin. I’m applying a bit more moisturizer & having to exfoliate more than once a week. I’ve tried many different skin care lines, yet still not finding one that would keep my skin soft & smooth as a baby’s bottom. One day I was giving a client a facial, she had extremely dry, flaky skin. She had been doing the same thing I was, trying different skin care lines, exfoliating a bit more, & applying tons of moisturizer, still she had this dry as a desert, rough skin. She then says to me, “I rarely drink water, you think maybe that’s the cause of all this dryness?”

My answer…yes, that is it, your skin is dehydrated! I then thought of my own water intake, how much water do I drink daily? Maybe that’s why my skin is dry as well. The following day I was on a mission, I wanted to see for myself, the difference increasing my water intake would make on my own skin. I took a big sports bottle to work and probably refilled that thing about 4x.  I continued this for about 3 weeks, yes, I did have to rush off to the ladies room a few more times throughout the day, but wow…what a difference!

Water & Skin Care Benefits

My skin glows a bit more, hasn’t broken out, looks dewy, & feels amazingly soft & smooth. Seeing these results on my skin has kept me & my water bottle pretty close.  Since I haven’t found the fountain of youth, and a few more trips to the ladies room is what is going to keep my skin looking fresh, feeling smooth, and slow down those wrinkles from coming my way…then so be it. The benefits of drinking water for skin are numerous. It’s true! You’ve heard it many times before… drink lots of water. While not everyone agrees that water will improve the appearance of your skin, in my experience, & some of my clients, it surely does!

When your body is properly hydrated, you will not only feel better, your skin will look better as well. Water stimulates circulation; it also controls and regulates the skin’s natural balance, replaces moisture in our skin that we loose in everyday activities, helps skin keep hydrated, and prevents dry skin. Drinking water also flushes toxins out of the body. With inadequate amounts of water flowing through the body, toxins can build up and escape through your pores, causing breakouts. Therefore, by flushing the body internally with water, breakouts are less likely to occur due to toxin release through the skin.

Proper hydration will also help to eliminate sunken eyes and dark circles under the eyes. Now wouldn’t you like a younger looking complexion, with fewer wrinkles, less breakouts, and no flakiness? I’ll bet you want a big glass of water now, huh? ;) For those of you that do not like drinking water, try adding slices of fruit to give it some flavor. If you don’t like lemon in your water, get creative, add whatever fruits you like. I love drinking water chilled with lime, orange, and lemon slices. Drink up!


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