PM Poetry: One Day

One Day

Maybe one day I will be what you want and not just what you need. Though patience may be virtue for the most part, life still keeps going; it brings people to our lives just as it removes them.  Life brought me you and then you removed yourself for selfishness; when you came back again, you returned no different.  Still shallow and self absorbed, you seek temporary contentment in what enlightens your eyes all while being blind to true happiness and matters of the heart.  If the day comes that you decide you want me, realize I can give you what no one else can, and that our souls connect like they were born at the same time, will be the day I finally gave up, lost my love for you, or was caught by a bigger soul than mine willing to give me more than I give to you. When that one day comes, you will miss the feeling of being near someone that loves you unconditionally, you will miss the silliness that brings you joy throughout the day, you will miss the side by side silence that feels like a thousand words are being spoken, you will miss the adventures and the first time experiences that were shared with someone that truly appreciated sharing them with you, and you will miss the sincere encouragement and pep talks to keep you motivated. But most of all, when you finally realize I am no longer there, not even as a stranger and nothing but a memory fading in your mind…you will miss ME.

The PM Poetry Series is a collection of night-time poems, word art, and inner-most thoughts.



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