Thursday Thoughts: That’s What Friends Are For

I am a good friend; a giver none the less. I give to those that I love with all of my heart and expect nothing in return. It’s not really hard to do at all and comes naturally to me. This year through my own struggles and starting over, quite a few friends have been there for me in ways that I have never experienced before. It has not only made me feel loved, secure about our friendships, but more than anything it’s shown me how much they appreciate me in their lives.

Something happened today that has never happened to me before. I was given an extremely generous gift by one of my closest friends. A mixed token of a just because and a thank you. Had it been given to me in a different way, there was no way I would have even accepted it. I was even a bit speechless and that is extremely rare for me to be. Friends have recently brought to my attention ways that I have been there for them when they needed it the most; some of the things I did that seem to be the smallest gesture of friendship, turned out to be big life changing experiences for my them. We all take things differently and sometimes what doesn’t seem like a big deal to us, is a huge deal to others.

After the day I had, it’s really made me reflect on the friendships in my life; the takers, the givers, the ones only there for a good time, and the ones that only come around when they need my guidance. Regardless of why people come in and out of my life, one thing’s for sure, you get what you give and with the great friends that I have been so blessed with, it makes me want to give good even more so.

In closing, I’d like to thank my amiga for today; not only for enjoying the sunshine and nature with me, but for being another warm soul in my life.

That's What Friends Are For



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