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Though blackhead extractions are not fun for my clients to receive, they are an important part of a facial and very necessary in clearing up the skin. One of my popular facials is the Purifying Facial; this deep pore cleansing facial is great for acne prone, black and white head congested, and extremely oily skin types. While antibacterial ingredients help rid the skin of excess oils and manage breakouts and impurities and the high-frequency treatment shrinks zits by 50% on the spot, it’s the masking part of the facial is where all the healing and conditioning takes place. A facial mask used once or twice a week at home can do wonders for the skin.

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Used in my Purifying Facial is the Cellular Clay Mask by Naturally Lindy. This mask is great for blemishes as it draws impurities from deep within the pores while it helps heal blemishes and prevent outbreaks. Natural ingredients, including Kaolin Clay, Ginseng, Collagen and Titanium Dioxide soothe your skin and promote healing. This is mask is great to be used as an emergency blemish spot-treatment, especially on those big red hormonal breakouts that occur monthly for us ladies. When the mask is used regularly it use can calm oily skin, heal and prevent future breakouts.

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What is a facial mask? A facial mask is the treatment part of the facial. This is the part where you take in the aroma of your treatment, lay back, and let your skin take in all the goodness of the mask. The Cellular Clay Mask goes on like a thick creamy paste and after being left on 10-15 minutes, your skin is instantly purified, detoxified, toned, and balanced. What I love most about the mask is how is diminishes pore size, clarifies, and evens the tone of the skin. Clients will come in with big red breakouts and after the facial; they have reduced in size and calmed down because of the healing properties of the mask. A great way to maintain your oily, combination, or acne prone skin between your facials is treating it to a weekly masking session. If you have that special man or teenager in your life that hates when you pick at their skin, the Cellular Clay Mask is a good way to reduce their blackheads.



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