5 Easy Lipstick Tips

  1. Prior to applying your lipstick you should use a lip liner to give your lips a neatly defined edge.

  2. Apply a little moisturizer to soften your lips and also to help the Lipstick to glide on more easily.

  3. Apply a light coat of foundation to your lips to act as a base and to help even out the color.

  4. Outline the natural edge of your lips with a lip pencil that is not more than one shade darker than the lipstick you’ll be using. The lip liner keeps the color from bleeding and it gives you a guideline for applying your lipstick.

5.When it’s time to apply your lipstick, relax your mouth so it opens slightly. Using a lip brush, apply your lipstick starting at the center of each lip working outwards to fill in the lipstick.


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