Karmick Hot and Cold Lavender Eye Mask

I love eye pillow masks and use them just about every day either on myself or my clients. I recently reviewed the Karmick Hot and Cold Lavender Eye Mask. It’s been one of my favorites so far. The soft, silky eye mask comes in a deep lavender color and is filled with high quality organic flax seeds and French lavender. What I liked the most about the eye mask is how versatile it is and whether I use it cold or hot, it is soothing and calming. The eye mask conformed to my face and eyes completely blocking out light which helped me relax even more. The aromatherapy scent is spa-like and not over powering; you really do feel like you are walking through a lavender field. The eye mask is easy to use and also to carry around in your work bag or purse. When I noticed puffiness in my eye area I would use the mask cold. If my neck was sore from a long day at work, I would use the mask hot. It also helps me when I have trouble sleeping since the lavender is a natural sedative. The eye mask is microwave and freezer safe and great for men, women, and children. For pricing or to purchase click this link!

Lavender has been used in Ayurveda medicines for over 2000 years by Hindus to promote relaxation and control moods. This is why experts recommend using lavender to uplift yourself when feeling down and even sleep better. Lavender also relaxes and refreshes to alleviate stress, tension, migraines, anxiety, and depression.

Karmick Hot and Cold Eye Mask

Eye Mask Uses:

  • Cool compress relieves stress, puffy eyes, dark circles immediately and promotes tranquility with natural scents of lavender
  •  Blocks out light completely
  •  Conforms to face and eyes and induces sleep
  •  Lavender scent relieves stress and tension
  •  Relaxes tired eyes from all day technology
  •  Use it for meditation and yoga
  •  Great for Men, Women and Children
  • Hot pack can be used for sinus pain, dry eyes, and allergies
  • Cold pack can be used soothe migraines, headaches, aches and pain
  • Cooling relief without the ice shocks
  • Use it as cold packs or heat packs for sore muscles or aches
  •  Microwave for 30 seconds to relieve Sinus Pain, Dry Eyes, and Sleep
  • Freeze it few hours to soothe sensitivity to light, puffy eyes and Dark circles

Disclaimer: I was given a Karmick Hot and Cold Lavender Eye Mask in exchange for my honest opinion and review.

Karmick Hot and Cold Lavender Eye Mask


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