Living Life or Coasting?

Are your living your life to the fullest or are you coasting through it on autopilot? This was a question I asked myself months ago, and sad to say, I was a zombie going through my life on autopilot. Often we make choices to stay in bad situations, feel we are obligated to others, feel more comfortable in a familiar environment, and just to scared to do things for ourselves. I am not talking about making ourselves temporarily happy with retail therapy, vacations, and shutting the world out for a short moment of inner peace. I mean really living life the way you want to. I strongly believe that when we go through major life changes, traumatic situations, heartbreak, and loss, our spirit is sometimes damaged a bit possibly affecting our outlook on life. Think about all you have been through, how its changed you, and what you want out of life now that you are still here standing on both feet.

I have grown so much in the last 5 years of my life, I don’t even know the person I was 5 years prior to that. From poor choices to love and loss, I’ve not only become more humble, but also more kind. So little bothers me now and my focus is on what makes my life better. When you start to get the hang of releasing what brings you misery, you not only feel the difference, but also like it. Change is good. I think when we really learn a lesson from poor choices we’ve made, it becomes easier for us to accept when others point out our wrong doings. When we don’t learn our lessons, keep making the same mistakes repeatedly, we become jaded, bitter, and even filled with a bit of anger. I speak from experience and trust me, being angry over your own decisions not only eats you up inside, it also wastes time and energy from being happy and living in peace. As much as no one likes to be told they are wrong, it is up to us to be honest, loving, supportive people to those we love, help them be the best they can be, and snap them out of autopilot.


Being off autopilot and in control of your own life feels great. Sure life has its obstacles but its up to us to handle them as best as we can for ourselves and our families. Though we go through rough times, the world doesn’t owe us, we are all special, and instead of making crappy excuses for having a negative outlook on a better future, we need to dig deep into ourselves to work on what needs healing. Fixing and healing issues within ourselves is the only way to getting off that autopilot mode. Make a list of passions you have put aside, things you want to change, and keep them near you always. When you feel lost, alone, or like you are stuck, look at your list as a reminder to get back on the ball to achieving your happiness. 

“Such a waste of time going through life like we get a chance at having another.”~April Mae Monterrosa 

Thursday Thoughts is a weekly series to share my random and personal thoughts with my readers so that they will get to know me a bit more; the series is just for fun, sharing, is therapeutic for me, and to make you think of similar situations yourself.


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