Childhood Memories of Mom

Pictured in this blog is my mother helping out at my nephew’s Halloween school function. As my brother and I joined in on the festivities with our nephews, I couldn’t help but take a moment to watch my mom at the fest. She was working in the memory card booth; as each little one gave her their ticket to play the game, she cheerfully gave them a prize whether they won or not. It made me think of all the things she use to do for us, especially this time of year. No matter how tired she was, broke my parents were, she found a way to celebrate holidays with us and always make them fun.

Mom Memories on Halloween1

My mom is well known by many friends and acquaintances that went to the same schools we did. What they don’t know is, while she was working as a substitute teacher, she was the steady income of the household so my dad could get his business going. Though she worked a full time job, had no one to watch over us when working late, she always made time to be involved in school activities. I don’t know how she use to do it all, waking up early making us all breakfast, packing my dad a lunch, making sure we were all nicely combed, dressed and always was so well put together herself. I see so many woman complain about the tasks that motherhood bring and I never saw my mother complain once. Though my brothers and I were into different extracurricular activities, she supported each and every one of us. She also supported my dad’s love of music when he was musician and went to all his gigs.

Mom Memories on Halloween

As a grandmother now, she still is very involved in school activities; she is never too tired, too busy, or never says no to do doing them. She doesn’t have to either, but does. And she’s still going to any events that we are involved in, that includes music gigs since my brother followed in my dad’s footsteps as a musician. I want my mom to know how amazing she is; I’m sure while we were growing up, she felt that all she did for us was rarely acknowledged. Now as an adult, had motherhood been for me, I would like to think I would do so many things like she did and still does. Having 3 nephews and a step daughter, I am proud to be able to show them that no matter what, you should always make time for family, holiday festivities, and most of all memories together. Children are taught these things by their parents and family members they look up to…I am fortunate that I was one of those children.


  1. Veronica says:

    I can relate. My mom is the best. Now as an adult, I make sure she knows it! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Veronica says:

    I can relate. My mom is the best. Now as an adult, I make sure she knows it! Thanks for sharing.

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