Sunday Funday Thoughts

All the fun, spontaneity of the past 5 years of my life have all been my plans & ideas. I married someone boring; i’ll never do THAT again.

I really want to live in the country. 

I miss driving a truck.

Writing has really made me appreciate the beauty of my surroundings, especially outdoors.

I have no negativity in my life anymore and by choice.

I was blessed with fun parents that showed us how to really enjoy life, our passions, & the little things.

I may never become a mother, but I’m a damn good auntie and stepmom. The children in my life fulfill me plenty, then they go home. Lol!

Though my heart was broken, it’s healed & not ruined due to all the love I have in my life.

The aroma of lavender calms my inner beast. The color, fragrance, and its view puts a smile on my face.

I wish more women would get out on the road, explore, and visit unexplored areas. Many depend on a partner to take them, those are missing out.

Texas is bold, beautiful, and it will always be home.

And lastly, I love showing my loves things they’ve never seen and places they’ve never been to.

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