3 Products for Humid Weather

In humid weather, a primer is necessary to keep your makeup from melting off or separating. Even for your eye shadow a primer is essential.  You can get primers from almost anywhere. The best ones will help your skin appear flawless and minimize the appearance of pores and wrinkles. To some this may seem like too much of a process in getting ready but it’s worth it. It takes under a minute to apply and will keep your makeup on for hours.

Oil blotters
Your skin definitely gets extra hydration when humidity kicks up. But if you have oily skin, this can only add to unwanted shininess. To help get rid of the extra shine bring oil blotting pads with you. For sensitive skin, make sure that they are unscented and unpowdered.  Note that the extra moisture is good for your skin even if it is oily because you can have oily skin and still be dehydrated.

Your hair can get out of control when it comes to a little moisture in the air. To keep tame it down, an anti-frizz serum is the key in maintaining any style. Apply a little bit before styling, then when you’re done if you need more then apply some more. Initially it’s always best to start with a little than to put too much. If you have naturally wavy/curly hair, and it just won’t stay straight, don’t fight it. Just go with it. Your natural hair always looks better than trying to achieve a look that isn’t working. Serums for your face are also good because creams and moisturizers can be too heavy in humidity.

Products for Humid Weather


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