Memorial Day Must Haves

One of the signs that the summer season is here and the heat will stick around for a while is when Memorial Day comes around. Check out this list of beauty must haves to make your outdoorsy outing more enjoyable!

Blotting papers: If you’re going to be outside, be sure to carry blotting papers and powder with you. When your face gets overly sweaty or oily, blot with the papers before applying more powder.

SPF 30-50: Sunscreen is always super important to wear, it prevents your skin from burning, especially if you reapply like your suppose to.

Open-toed shoes: Whether it’s flip-flops at the lake or dressier sandals for going out, open-toed shoes are a must in the summertime.

Swimsuits: Finding the perfect swimsuit is usually a challenge. So why not scoop up 2 of them, that way you have 2 looks to choose from! Plus its always good to have backup just in case one of them snags or rips while enjoying those water activities.

Nail Color: Go bright and loud on your nails this Memorial Day. From pinks to blues to oranges to neon green, make it bright. After all week long of wearing conservative colors for work, you owe it to your nails to get some attention.

Wet-Wipes: Always keep these with you. If you are out at the beach or the lake you never know if those rest areas have toilet paper.

Waterproof Eye makeup: If you cant leave home without mascara and/or eyeliner, make sure its waterproof. You dont want to be enjoying te outdoors lookin like a raccoon.

Body Oil Mist: This last so much longer than a regular body spray. The oil will penetrate into your pores making you smell fresh and clean longer. Non oil based body sprays are alcohol based and dont last long.

Hope you find these tips useful!  HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!



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