DIY Kid’s Manicure

Little girls love playing with beauty products. One of their favorite things to do is get their nails polished. Some parents don’t allow their little girls to wear nail polish, but, what’s good about letting them get their nails done is you can actually teach them how to take care of their hands and nails properly. Turn a kid’s manicure into a fun way of teaching them how to keep underneath their nails clean, not to pick and pull at cuticles, and not be a nail biter. This is something you can easily do at home too!

Supplies needed:

1 bowl
Antibacterial soap
1 towel
Nail clippers
Emery board
Clear base coat
Polish (color of your choice)
Quick dry top coat
Cuticle oil


Add a pump of antibacterial soap to a bowl following with warm water to make a soapy spa soak. After soaking for about 5 minutes, the cuticles will be nice and soft. With your towel, softly push the cuticles back. Just in case your little one is sensitive, you want to stay away from cuticle pushers and/or orangewood sticks. I recommend NOT clipping cuticles, unless there is a hangnail that needs to be removed. With the nail clippers carefully clip off nails that are too long. Most nail clippers come with a metal emery board attached to them. Do not file your child’s nails with them because they are too rough. You can however use it to clean underneath the nails. With the soft side of the emery board file the nails so there will be no rough edges to prevent nails snagging, tearing, and also from your little one’s scratching themselves.  After nails are cleaned, clipped, and smooth, make sure hands and nails are nice and dry. Apply a clear basecoat to prevent nails from getting stained. Apply nail polish and after allowing drying time for 2 minutes, apply a quick dry coat. Because most children tend to be impatient during drying time, apply a cuticle oil not only to keep their fingers moisturized, but also help decrease drying time.

Picture Courtesy of my lovely Step-Daughter

Picture Courtesy of my lovely Step-Daughter


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