Benefits of Cold Water

Benefits of showering and bathing in the morning with cold water you need to know:

Bathing in the morning with cold water, will help blood circulation become more fluent. The body also will feel more refreshed and healthy.

Bathing with cold water will increase white blood cells in the body. When the white blood cells in the body increase, the body’s endurance and ability to fight illnesses will increase.

A cold water bath will reduce the risk of high blood pressure, varicose veins and hardening of blood vessels. This is caused by a cold shower launching the entire circulation of blood to the organs of the body.

A morning shower with cold water has a positive effect on human reproductive health. The benefit is to increase the production of the male hormone testosterone and the hormone estrogen in women. As a result, fertility and sexual desire will increase.

Morning showers with cold water every day also has a positive impact on the health of body tissue. With this habit, the skin is not dry and becomes more supple. Bathing with cold water also can reduce dark circles at the bottom of the eye area. It gives your face an “awake” look. Cold water also prevents the skin from getting less wrinkles.

A bath with cold water also has a positive impact on the nail tissue. Nails will become healthier, stronger and not easily cracked.

Morning showers with cold water can make hair healthier.
What happens to the hair when washed with cold water? It turns out that cold water can seal in the hair cuticle. Hair would be better protected from dirt that is usually attached to the scalp. Thus, the hair will become healthier and stronger.


What I found interesting:

Ritual baths in the morning with cold water were usually done by Japanese samurai warriors in the past. This ritual is commonly called misogi in Japanese. The habit is intended to cleanse the soul so that the mind becomes more calm and get through their days with excitement.

However, apart from the usual ritual of the Japanese, it is logical that a cold water bath can alter our mood. Just imagine if we’re getting tense or down for some reason. After we shower, the body will feel more refreshed, the mind becomes calmer, clearer, and more relaxed.


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