Sunday Funday: Mujeres Mercado

What a beautiful day it was to support your local community! Sunday Funday consisted of brunch with a close childhood friend and attending the Come-Unity: Learn, Shop, + Connect event hosted by TX Latino Blog founders Melanie Mendez-Gonzales of Qué Means What and Michelle Rodriguez of Family Love In My City. The event was at the Mujeres Mercado (At the Vibrant Community) located in the East side of San Antonio, Texas. Upon mingling and connecting with local blogger, artists, and local business owners, we had the privilege of meeting and listening to Anel Flores speak and inspire us with her story. (Anel Flores is the author of novel, Empanada: A Lesbiana Story en Probaditas, an alumni of the National Association of Latino Arts and Culture Leadership Institute, and a Member of Sandra Cisneros’ Macondo Writer’s Workshop, a visual and jewelry artist, an educator, a realtor, and a huge supporter of local arts.) During the mixer, Cocina Heritage The Restaurant Co-Owner and Co-Founder Silvia Alcaraz shared some of her delicious Central to South Mexican cuisine with us. Be sure to visit her site for more info on her scrumptious food!

Michelle Rodriguez, Anel Flores, & Melanie Mendez-Gonzales

Michelle Rodriguez, Anel Flores, & Melanie Mendez-Gonzales

Mujeres Mercado is a local gem that strongly supports female (and male) artists and business owners. The Mercado is full of unique art, handmade jewelry, products, apparel, and other locally produced merchandise. Cristina M. Martinez, co-founder of Mujeres Mercado gave us a tour and shared with us that there will be many more fun events in the near future. Be sure to stop on by; it’s a warm and welcoming place for all ages to visit!

Mujeres Mercado
1414 E. Commerce
San Antonio, Texas
(413) 695-0203


Creating Cultural Spaces and Local Marketplace that supports and connects Women Artisans, Traditional Healers and Merchants crafting their own Alternative Economies. –Mujeres Mercado

Vendors at Mujeres Mercado:

Alice Lim Soaps
Celeste De Luna Art
Sweet Craft Jewelry
Krudas Cubensi
Jane Madrigal
Hook Yarn Ladder
Rock’N Gem Shop
Karma Candle Makers
Lovely Minivans
Diana Lopez
Xingona Creations
Las Ofrendas

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