On The Face: Break Out Areas

Ever wonder why you have the same reoccurring blemishes in the same areas of your face you can’t seem to get rid of? These reoccurring blemishes can be caused by many different reasons. These are reasons may not apply to everyone, but for the ones they do apply to, I’m going to go over a few of them for you. Maybe this info will even help clear up some of those troubled areas for you.

Break Out Areas- Shine Beautifully

The Stress Area: You have about a million things on your mind that you’re stressing over, and bam…forehead breakouts start to surface. These are the breakouts we try to cover with hats, caps, and sometimes even a new hairstyle. To minimize forehead breakouts try getting more rest. The more our body sleeps, the more at ease our minds are. Increase your water intake to keep your body hydrated and keep that mind cool. When you feel a worry coming on, take a short walk somewhere or go outside and take a few deep breaths, you would be amazed how something as simple as this calms you down. Try to keep your hair out of your face, oils from our hair & scalp can make those breakouts worse, especially if you use lots of hair products.  And lastly, try to wash your hats & caps more frequently.

The Digestive Area: Is your skin clear everywhere else but your cheeks and nose area? Think about what you ate before that breakout occurred…was it something deep fried, fast food, or junk food? Fatty foods such as these contain huge amounts of oil, so if you are more on the oily prone side, chances are you are helping those oil glands produce more oil to cause more breakouts. Cutting down on these types of food may decrease the breakouts in your forehead area. If you absolutely have to indulge in those types of foods, drink lots of water to flush out all those oil toxins. Also wipe down your cell phone before holding it up to these areas and change your linens regularly.

The Hormonal Area: We women are lucky, not only do we get a monthly visitor; we also get a monthly blemish to go along with it. These breakouts come from that excess estrogen we produce during this time, for men, its usually excess testosterone and prostate related.  Hormonal imbalances cause breakouts, if the breakouts are really out of control in this area, you may want to see your doctor. These types of breakouts are usually hard to control since we can not control our hormones. So do yourself a favor and save some money by not buying every single acne spot treatment product you come across at the drugstore since those breakouts will be back.

There are many internal and external factors that can cause breakouts. Even though we try to clear them up with products sometimes it’s just a matter of changing small lifestyle habits. Try using some of these tips and see if you notice your skin looking better. :)


5 Replies to “On The Face: Break Out Areas”

  1. I am a hormonal zone girl … 😐

    But this is a great graphic!

  2. gina says:

    INTERESTING! I suffered my terrible acne my whole life. I never about the hormonal area but didn’t know that other areas were considered digestive and stress acne zones. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’m all of the above, but didn’t know there were different zones! Explains SO much.

  4. aimee fauci says:

    Oh goodness, I am surprised I do not have any pimples on my forehead! Mine are hormonal.

  5. I hate that I need to know this but so glad you are teaching me!

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