And Boom…it’s over!

2014 is over. Just like that, another new year. This year was challenging for many people in my life, me included. When you go through almost losing loved ones, so many things tend to no longer matter. Friends come and go, ex-coworkers start to not keep in touch, and people that don’t understand how your life changes being a business owner, step mom, military wife, blogger, super close to your family, and not partying every weekend till the wee hours of the morning tend to fade away. It’s a part of life; if I told you that it never hurt my feelings, I’d be lying. But, you can’t control the actions of people, some of the obstacles that come our way, and I strongly believe that when people leave our lives, they make room for better ones to enter it. And that’s exactly what’s happened this past year.

This year I have no resolutions of what I want to change, do, or fix. I plan to continue to be myself, true to my family, my passions, and what makes me happy. We can try to plan for our futures and still live in the past, but what really matters is now, today. Don’t be so hard on yourself about what you think you need to be better at; don’t give yourself an overwhelming list of New Year resolutions. Instead, get through your days as they come. Take every second, minute, and hour to appreciate life, those that love you, and all you have. That shouldn’t be hard to do, even though we often forget to.

This year through the power of faith and prayer my mom is still with us and healthy. I am especially grateful for all words of wisdom and actions from some of the most amazing people this past year. Though my little business is not where I want it to be just yet, its mine, and just shows me that years of being the hardworking underdog paid off. It feels good not to have to show up to work every day to work for someone that doesn’t appreciate you and have the life sucked out of your passion. My studio is not only where my passion lies, but where many people get to relax, vent, feel better about themselves, and has lead me to reconnect with quite a few high school friends. Every day I get to go home happy because of this.

This year do more for yourself. Do more for your family. Do less for those that treat you like you aren’t worthy and don’t appreciate you. Forgive yourself for past mistakes. Let go of those that just bring you down and always have something negative to say. Look for happiness in every day you’re given. Eat, drink, and laugh more. Find that inner peace and keep it. Take a deep breath before flying off the handle. Give more hugs. Kiss your loves more often. Cuddle with your pets more often too. Travel more. Appreciate nature. Be more festive during holidays. Work hard, be honest, and good will come your way when you least expect it. And most of all love yourself so much no one can break you. Happy 2015!

Cheers to the New Year


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