Skin Care Tips for Traveling

Whether your traveling buy plane, train, or automobile to celebrate the upcoming holidays, we all know that our skin takes a beating or totally ignored while we are on vacation. Here are some of my travel must haves I take with me when traveling to keep my skin looking great.

 Cleanser: Wash away impurities, dust, & excess oil.

Moisturizer w/sunscreen: Keep the skin hydrated and healthy looking.

Lip balm: Lips should be moist when giving all those holiday kisses.

Skin Refreshener: Spritz on a nice drink of hyaluronic mist, your skin will look dewy and be happy!

Eye Gel/cream: Jet lag can bring on puffiness and dark circles…we do not want those appearing!

Hand & Body lotion: Moisturize your body from head to toe to keep climate changes from drying your skin out.

       All these items typically fit into a medium sized cosmetic bag; don’t leave home with them! 🙂
Skin Care Tips for Traveling


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