Black Friday Bits

Many of you are probably getting ready to hit the stores before the sun is even up on black Friday. As one who has worked on many of them keep a few things in mind while you’re out and about in the stores.

Be kind:
With many people visiting their families for the holiday and black Friday being such a big deal nowadays, the malls and department stores will be especially crowded. Keep the holiday spirit alive by being kind and respectful to other shoppers and even more so to those working at where you’re shopping at.

Ladies, try to avoid shopping alone. If you don’t have a group to shop with, be sure you park in a well lit place and no where hidden. You never know who’s keeping an eye out for an easy theft target.

First come, first serve:
If you see an item on the shelf and someone beats you to it, it wasn’t meant for you. Don’t be foolish and end up on the news or in jail for fighting over something on sale.

Keep it fun:
Don’t take the fun out of your shopping spree by being impatient with the long lines and waiting at the stores. Keep in mind everyone else in line at 4am is after the same deal you are.

No road rage:
With lots of traffic in parking lots and areas around the malls and big retail stores, keep that foot a little light on the gas pedal and be courteous of other drivers. Besides, getting into a fender bender means less shopping money.

Happy Black Friday Shopping and be safe! I hope this blog has some good reminders for you.



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