Achieve Beautiful Skin WithOUT Needles

The Dermis, also known as the “living layer”, is arguably the most important layer of skin. This layer is responsible for collagen, elastin, reticulin, & hyaluronic acid production.

Collagen: a substance that occurs naturally in the bodies of people and animals and is often put into creams and other products that are sold to make a person’s skin smoother and less wrinkled.

Spa Words:

  • Elastin: a protein that is similar to collagen and is the chief constituent of elastic fibers.
  • Reticulin: a protein substance similar to collagen that is a constituent of reticular tissue.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: a viscous glycosaminoglycan that occurs especially in the vitreous body, the umbilical cord, and synovial fluid and as a cementing substance in the subcutaneous tissue.

Over time, collagen stores and production diminishes resulting in loss of firmness and structure of the skin, which ultimately causes unwanted wrinkles and sagging skin.

Working your skin with the right products & techniques speeds up cellular renewal creating a “filling” effect to that of the “wrinkle filling” injections, but without the needle.

“Wrinkle filling” injections can only temporarily fill in the gaps and may cause pain and/or severe side-effects.

Facials promote increased blood circulation to the face allowing more oxygen and more nutrients to reach cells of the skin.

Facials work like exercise, stimulating muscles to not only improve facial contours, but to also rebuild structure from the inside out for more permanent effect.




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