SPA TIP: Shaving Cream Alternatives

Baby Oil                                                                                                                                                

Try using baby oil instead of shaving cream. It works great on dry skin since it moisturizes at the same time.

Hair Conditioner 

It softens the hair, so it cuts easily. It also softens the skin, so there is no raw, tender feeling after shaving

Shaving with Hand Lotion

Use a hand lotion for extra hydration and one that is your favorite scent on those hot date nights.

Moisturizing Bar Soap or Body Wash

If you prefer a soapy lather, you can simply work up a lather  in your hands using your bar soap or body wash with warm water. Moisturizing soaps and body washes contain moisturizers in them; this gives a nice glide for shaving.

Baby Shampoo for Shaving Cream

It’s gentle for your skin and great for those that like shaving creams that foam up.



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