Cover Those Roots!

Hair grown out? No time to get to your salon? Here’s how to get to the “root” of the problem when your appointment is weeks away.

Part Ways: Mask your ‘hairy’ situation by creating a messy part. A solid, straight line will simply draw attention to differences in color. Get funky with a zig-zag part, or tousle your hair with your fingers and let it fall naturally.

Avoid Slick Styles: When your mane is pulled back tight, you might as well have a large flashing arrow pointed at your roots! The more volume and texture hair has, the less attention you draw to your two-tone look. This simple trick can help: Apply dry shampoo and tease your hair at the root for a bit of “oomph.” Then, use your fingers to rake locks into a loose pony, chignon, or braid. Keep heavy styling products to a minimum to avoid squashing the volume you created.

Painted Lady: Looking for help in a pinch? Try a dry shampoo powder made for your hair hue.  Root touch up kits, hair mascara, and highlighting pens are also great options. Just be sure to read the instructions!

Finally, when all else fails, darker haired gals can grab some eyeshadow! Look for a color that is similar to your mane. Spritz your makeup brush with a bit of water, dab it in the shadow and pat on strands.


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