Finding What You’re Looking For

When you finally find what you’re looking for and your new world seems perfect, why mess it up for yourself. Take care if what you have, don’t take it for granted, and don’t mess it up. You may not get another chance to live that happily again or someone dear to you will look at you with hate. We are always looking for that soulmate, when you find it, takes care of it like it’s the most precious thing…because it really is. Some people have had so much bad happen in their lives that they continue to seek chaos. If you have a good thing, know that you are being blessed and there are others that wish they had what you did. Wake up…be appreciative of what God has given you and most of all love and respect those that love you unconditionally. If you don’t, someone else will and you may end up living the rest of your life searching for what you once had and most of all, be unhappy.

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  1. Clark Kent says:

    well said.. never think just experience it in it’s true form..

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