Is your hair a matted nest in the morning when you wake up? (Also a GREAT tip for children)

If you are a restless sleeper & move your head throughout the night, you are rubbing your hair against the fibers of the bedding which leads to the hairs catching on one another & knotting, tangling & matting together. This is common on chemically treated, porous, extremely dry, fine, & damaged hair. Try using a moisturizing shampoo & conditioner, & a light spray-on conditioner after you have towel dried your hair to add moisture. Focus on the ends of your hair, & avoid the scalp to reduce an oily build up.
Other tips:
Deep conditioning hair mask once a week
Use the blow dryer, Curling Iron, & Straightener less.
Brush with widely spaced bristles
Comb with wide toothed combs
(Always work your way up from your hair ends to the scalp)


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