Ah….Spa…the new trend of relaxation. Forget taking a cruise or a long vacation, many people are now relieving stress at a spa in their own home town. For many of you that are not familiar with the whole spa thing may be a bit confused to what type you should visit. Of course whatever type of spa you’re seeking will depend on your budget, the atmosphere you’re looking for, & the kind of treatments you need or want.  Let me break down the kind of spas for you so you can have a better idea of what type you are looking for.

Our most common throughout the city is a Salon & Spa. These facilities usually offer more salon services such as hair care, nail care, and have a couple of rooms for either facial and waxing treatments and/or massage services. If you want a place where you can get your hair, nails and toes, and skin worked on, a salon & spa is the way to go. Keep in mind because there are hairdryers being used, depending on where the spa facilities are located in the salon, it may not be the most tranquil atmosphere. Salons also like to have upbeat music playing throughout the day.

Then we have Day Spas, these are usually a tab bit more expensive than your salon/spa. There are not any hair care services and sometimes not any artificial nail services.  When you check into a day spa, a robe and slippers are given to you, then you are seated in a quiet room, often called the relaxation room to wait for you therapist.  Healthy snacks, a variety of hot teas, and water are available for the clients. You can schedule an entire day full of spa treatments but there are no overnight accommodations at a day spa. The only negative thing to spending a long hours getting pampered at a day spa, is having to drive yourself home…after 3 or 4 treatments, you’re a pile of mush. Ha-ha

If you’re looking for more intense, medically therapeutic treatments, and enhancements, then look into going to a medical spa.  A medical spa is a facility that operates under doctors, plastic surgeons, and dermatologist.  Treatments and services such as Botox, fillers, medical grade chemical peels, laser, & other clinical treatments are performed in a spa like setting by a licensed professional. These facilities are like visiting your doctor and their office has a spa theme. If you want a day of pampering, this type of facility is not for you.

For you spa junkies, the best spa choice for you would be a destination spa. Your spa treatments are usually spread out in a wellness program that lasts a couple of days. Your days will be filled with yoga, healing treatments, and the usual pampering spa treatments. Spa cuisine is served to promote inner wellness and overnight accommodations are also available.

Need a vacation and want to bring the family along? Then check into a nice hotel resort. This type of spa is connected to a large resort. Resorts have activities for every one of all ages like golf, games, all sorts of classes, hikes, and many different fitness classes. While you’re at the spa, your loved ones can play golf, join classes, and your children will have all sorts of supervised activities available to them as well.

Still not sure which type of spa is for you? Heck, try them all out! I sure have! Every one of them had their own signature services and make sure you leave feeling newly rejuvenated.


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