Shower Temperature

Don’t think the temperature of the water you use in your shower matters?
Here’s why it does….
Not many of us are fond of bathing in cold water especially in cooler weather. However, hot water is not ideal for bathing for it dries out your skin. So the best temperature to shower with is lukewarm water. It’s comfortable & it helps to remove sebum (oil). Consider ending off your shower with a final cool water rinse to refresh as well as to increase circulation throughout the body. This is a great thing to do when your feeling sluggish & cant seem to “wake up”. Washing your face in cold water can help to make blood vessels constrict (great for couperose or rosacea skin types) & may even aid to reduce swelling & the appearance of undereye dark circles. And for your hair, a cool water rinse can help close the scales of the cuticle & can help constrict the openings of the sebaceous glands to help moderate oil production (oily scalp & hair).


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