Office Beauty Hacks

Most of the women in my life have office jobs and always ask me for beauty tips. Some jobs don’t allow you to have your personal belongings at your desk and sometimes you need to get a bit creative with what’s on your desk when it comes to keeping up your appearance. Here are some beauty hacks you can do with your office supplies and/or things in your office area that can help out with those beauty 911 emergencies!

Double-Sided Tape: Whether it’s a fussy necklace, a torn hem or even a pesky bit of makeup that needs to go—fast—then consider double sided tape your new Best Friend.

Toilet Seat Covers: When you’re in a pinch, use a toilet seat cover to absorb excess oil. I know it’s not exactly glamorous, but if you’re in a pinch it’s a great secret to know about. Blotting papers and toilet seats covers are made of similar materials and can be used to absorb excess oil. This trick has come in handy dozens of times when I’ve been caught without powder or blotting papers.

Paper Clips & Safety Pins: Fix a strap, missing button or torn hem. Paper clips can also be used to pin back hair and de-clump mascara.Erasers: If you lose the back to an earring, use a piece of erase in its place (cork works too).Tape: Roll up a piece of tape (any kind will do) and run it over your clothes to remove unwanted fuzz. You can also use tape to hem pants, fix straps and prevent peep shows. Scotch tape can also be used to remove makeup, such as smudged eyeliner.

Pencils & Pens: Instead of using a rubber band that will damage your hair, twist your hair into a bun and secure it with a smooth pen or pencil.

Post-It Notes: Use a Post-It note instead (business cards work too). You can also fold them up to remove dirt from underneath your nails or use them to blot your lipstick.

White Out: Use white out to line the tips of your nails with for a quickie French manicure.

Stapler: If your hem is dragging, look to your stapler. If you staple something that is dark and don’t want the silver prongs of the staples to show, color the staples using a Sharpie.

Office Beauty Hacks

Other Items to keep in your Office for Beauty Emergencies:

Stain Remover
Trail Mix Snacks
Bobby Pins
Hand Sanitizer/Sanitizing Wipes
Lip Color
Static Guard
Floss Pick
Mini Mirror
Hand Sanitizer
Blister Blockers